Resources for Writers

While the primary purpose of this website is to serve as an author page, I have always wanted it to be about more than just me and my writing. I’m a writer, but I’m also a teacher, and I feel a sense of duty to share what I have learned (and continue to learn) about writing with anyone who wishes to benefit from my experience.

This Resources for Writers page is a work-in-progress, a digital library of websites, books, podcasts, and other neat resources I want to share with you. More content is on the way and will be added as I develop it. If you’d like to receive updates when new resources are added, subscribe using the Follow button in the footer of any page.

Choose a topic below to get started. You can also navigate to each subpage using the main menu. Hover over Resources, and the submenu will appear.


FAQ | Current Features: Do I need an MFA? 

Coming soon: Should I give my writing away for free? How do I build a writing community? How do I find places to publish my work? At what point do I need an agent? Are conferences, workshops, and contest fees all worth it? What should I be reading? How should I be reading?

Reading | Current Feature: Goodreads

More forthcoming on recommended books, websites, podcasts, and literary journals and how to read like a writer.

Writing | Current Feature: Writing Excuses

More to come, including writing prompts, craft book recommendations, and great places to find author interviews.

Publishing | Current Feature: Poets & Writers

More forthcoming on publishing your work, including submissions advice.

Networking | Current Feature: Wordpress

More forthcoming on using social media, conferences, and other platforms to market your work and build connections with readers, publishers, and other writers.

Teaching | Current Feature: Assay

More forthcoming on teaching, in general, and teaching writing, in particular.

Writers to Follow | Current Feature: Tony Quick

More soon, including friends, colleagues, and other writers whose websites share additional resources.

Environment | Current Feature: Orion

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what all will come in this section. At the very least, expect writing prompts, teaching resources, reading lists, and book reviews with an environmental focus, including place-based and food writing.

Politics | Current Feature: N/A

This is a new topic that I’m still working on developing. Subscribe, and I’ll let you know when I have resources posted here.

If you have requests for content or ideas for resources I haven’t yet featured, please share them using the contact form on the Connect page.